Women of Royalty Updates and News
December 23, 2003--Updated the Queen Rania of Jordan page.
December 19, 2003--Added a page on Jadwiga of Poland.
December 8, 2003--Added a page on Lucrezia Borgia and changed the look of the homepages.
November 18, 2003--Updated and revised the Kristina of Sweden page.
October 30, 2003--Added a news section to the Queen Rania page.
October 8, 2003--Added a page about the Wives of Henry VIII.
October 4, 2003--Added a page on Princess Kazunomiya.
October 3, 2003--Added a page on Eleanor of Aquitaine.
October 1, 2003--Added a page on Jezabel, Queen of Israel. Also added a search engine on the Information page.
September 30, 2003--Added a page on Lady of Ch'iao Kuo .
September 27, 2003--Added pages on Sondok and Isabel, Queen of Castile.
September 26, 2003--Added a page on Maria Theresa .
August 29, 2003--The Women of Royalty Page  is up! Thanks Christine for setting up the newsletter. 
Notice: The Women of Royalty search engine and newsletter are down.